Heating wall boiler NADIA

Heating wall boiler NADIA

Gas heating boiler «NADIA» is used for heating and hot water supply (HWS) of residential buildings and communal constructions.

We produce single and duel circuit boilers (for heating only or for heating and HWS). Each of that types can be with opened combustion chamber (OK) and flue ejection or closed combustion chamber (ZK) with forced ventilation and exhaust emission through composite air/flue pipe passing over the internal wall.

Boilers use natural gas.


Name Unit Values for
1-OK 2-OK 1-ZK 2-ZK
Rated heat power,+-5% kW 47 49
Nominal thermal productivity,+-5% kW 42 44
Nominal gas pressure Pa 1960
Nominal gas flow when t=20°C, atm.pressure 760 mm of mercury column, Qn.r.=8000 kcal/m3 nm3/h 5,0 5,2
Coefficient of efficiency not less % 90
Working pressure of heat carrier, not more MPa 0.3
Maximal temperature of heat carrier, not more °C 90
Temperature control range on the output of boiler, +-5 Ñ °C 40-85
Water flow for HWS when t=35°C l/min - 17 - 18
Water temperature control range in HWS circuit °C - 40-60 - 40-60
Maximal pressure in HWS circuit MPa - 0,6 - 0,6
Combustion products temperature on the output of boiler, not more °C 80
Maximal electric power W 140 180
Power supply (voltage/frequency) V/Hz 220/50
Overall dimensions (not more):
height mm 970
width mm 650
depth mm 375
mass kg 65 70 75 80