Floorstanding boiler BOGDAN

Floorstanding boiler BOGDAN

Gas heating floorstanding boilers with cast-iron heat exchanger "BOGDAN" with forced circulating of the heat-carrier are used for heating of residentional buildings and communal constructions.
The boilers use natural gas.
The boilers have the open combustion chamber.
«Bogdan»'s heart is the cast iron sectional heat exchanger.
Cast iron is the most hard, firm and long-lived material.
Due to the high quality of casting and permanent quality control this type of heat exchanger may ensure user of long and safe operation.
Cast iron heat exchanger advantages: durability, low hydraulic resistance, generality (possibility of heat exchanger power growth by adding sections), high energy output.
The construction of the cast iron sections is such that the combustion chamber is surrounded and cooled from every quarter and thus allows to reduce heat losses and achieve high efficiency value - 92%.
Atmospheric gas burner is used in the boiler.
It is made from stainless steel and provides the stable flame.  

New boiler types "Bogdan-40eco" and "Bogdan-47eco" with advanced ecological capability:
The boilers are fitted with special low flare water cooling burner that allows to reduce considerably the content of harmful substances in combustion materials:
CO concentration is 12 mg/m3,
NOx concentration is 39 mg/m3.


Name Units of
Boiler model number "Bogdan"
40 47 55
Nominal heat power ±10% kW 40 47 55
Nominal heat productivity ±10% kW 35 42 49
Nominal gas pressure Pa 1960/1274
Maximal gas flow rate when 20 °С and atm.pressure 760 mm of m.c. m3/h 4,28 5,05 5,91
Coefficient of efficiency, not less % 90
Working pressure of heat carrier range МPа from 0,1 to 0,3
Maximal heat carrier temperature °С 95
Combustion products temperature on the outlet of the boiler, not less °С 110
Electrical power, not more W 110
Power supply data (voltage / frequency) V/Hz 220+10%-15%/50-1
Mass, not more kg 140 155 170
Overall dimensions, not more
- height
mm 895
- width mm 570 650 810
- depth mm 823