Wall boiler ANNA-NOVA

Wall boiler ANNA-NOVA

Gas double-circuit wall boiler "Anna nova" is intended for heating and hot water supply of municipal residential buildings and constructions.

We produce three versions of boilers "Anna-nova" constructively:

OK (with open combustion chamber and exhaust emission into the flue),
ZK (with closed combustion chamber and forced draft and exhaust emission through combined air duct/flue, which are two coaxial located pipes in outside wall of the heated building. The air for burning is suppled by one of these pipes, combustion products are emited by another.
"ZK-comfort" (such as ZK, but with the additional recuperator - condensation heat exchanger of "gas-water" type, in which the heat carrier from the return line of heating system takes the heat of leaving smoke fumes that is raised the efficiency and gives possibility to work in the condensation mode).


Name Units of measure Values for "Anna-nova":
24 OK 24 ZK 24 ZK comfort 28 ZK 30 ZK comfort
Nominal heat power, ±5% kW 27 27 25 31 31
Nominal heat productivity in 80/60 °C mode, 5% kW 24,3 28,2 30
Nominal heat productivity in 50/30 C mode, 5% kW - 26,9 - 33,3
Nominal gas pressure Pa 1960
Nominal gas flow rate when t=20C, atm.p. 760 mm m.c., Qn.r.=8000 kcal/m3 m3/hour 2,9 2,68 3,33
Coefficient of efficiency in 80/60C mode, not less % 92,0 97,2 92,0 97,0
Coefficient of efficiency in 50/30 C mode, not less % - 107 - 107
Working pressure of the heat carrier, not more MPa 0,3
Heat carrier temperature, not more C 85
Heta carrier temperature range on the boiler outlet, from - to C 35 - 80
Water flow rate for hot water production when t=35C, 5% l/min 10 12
Water temperature range in the HWS system, from - to C 30 - 60
Maximal pressure in HWS system ÌPa 0,6
Temperature of the combustion products on the outlet of the boiler, not less C 115 65 130 72
Electrical power, 10% W 90 120 150
Power supply data (voltage/frequency) V/Hz 220/50
Overall dimensions (not more):
height mm 740
width mm 400
depth mm  300
mass, not more kg 33 33 33 43 47
OK - open combustion chamber
ZK - closed combustion chamber
HWS - hot water supply
Overall dimensions are without combined flue size in ZK performance.