Individual heat substations

Individual heat substations

Individual heat substations (MTP type) JV «Ukrinterm» are made according to the Technical Specifications TU U 25.2-20016760-022:2014 "Modular heat substations Ukrinterm". 

Individual heat substation is an automatized modular unit transferred heat energy from the external heat networks (boiler plant) to the heating, hot water supply, ventilation and technologocal system of residential and industrial buildings.

- in new buildings 
- in reconstruction 
- capital repair 
- thermo modernization of the buildings for the equipment of input heat network assemblies. 

- preparation of hot water for consumption 
- heat supply regulation in heating, ventilation and technological systems 
- maintenance of normalized values of heat carrier pressure in internal and external heat supply systems. 

Individual heat substations consist of:
Controllers in IHS are not only for control and regulation of IHS components (regulators, pumps, valves) but also have the functional capacity for the remote transfer of the operating data, registration of heat, water and electricity counters.  

The specialists of the construction department of JV "Ukrinterm" develop each IHS according to the design documentation taking into account the customer proposals for IHS components and dimensions.
 Software of the design department allows to calculate the values for the heat exchangers, pressure losses in each element of IHS, select the regulating valves and pumps and assemble them together into the whole unit.

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