Heat pumps HOTJET

Heat pumps HOTJET

HOTJET CZ s.r.o. is a leading Czech heat pump manufacturer on the Czech and Slovak heat pump markets.
They have achieved their success by combining uncompromising performance, quality and value.
The 1800 m2 company headquarters and manufacturing facility are located between the cities of Ostrava and Opava, in Bolatice.

The product lines include water-to-air, water-to-water, ground-to-water and split units, ranging from economical solutions to industrial applications, developed by the company’s own R&D department.
The parts were designed with respect to the current development and technological trends.
The main suppliers of HOTJET are manufacturers such as Emerson, Danfoss, Swep and Siemens.
Product design was enhanced by leading Czech designers in line with current European trends.
Hotjet products can be used not only for heating and water heating, but also for efficient cooling.
Hotjets heat pumps are fully certified and leave our production plant with the TÜV SÜD quality label.

Heat pump air to water

HOTJET ASK (outdoor unit)

Using the outside air as an energy source. Heat pump air-water Hotjet ASK the ideal for a new buildings without the space inside.
Compact unit
Outside installation
Stainless steel cabinet
The maximum flow temperature to 55 ° C, EVI compressor 65 C
Efficient operation to -25 C
Bivalent 7.5 kW inside optional
Extremely quiet axial fan
Stainless steel cabinet
Central control of heating and heating of DHW
Suitable for floor and radiator systems
Wired and wireless control

HOTJET i (indoor unit)

Using the outside air as an energy source. Designers of the HOTJET manage to fit our heat pumps in any small spaces of 0.5 m3.
HOTJET-i can be installed in house interiors, e.g. in cellars, garages or in spaces for a building equipment.
Atmospheric air is supplied and drained by air lines through a wall.
Compact unit
Indoor installation
Guard cover is made of stainless steel sheet or powder coating
The maximum flow temperature to 55C
Sound-optimised through low-noise axial-flow fan
Central control of heating and heating of DHW
Suitable for floor and radiator systems
Wired and wireless control

HOTJET s (split system)

Split system using the outside air as an energy source. The compressor is inside the house and the refrigerant temperature in the connecting pipe is low, the evaporator can be placed 20 meters away in the garden and to eliminate the noise problems and needed a place.

• High coefficient of performances

Indoor and outdoor unit connected with refrigerant circuit

Remarkably low sound level 35S optinal 2 evaporators. 50S standard 2 evaporators.

Benefits HOTJET s:
The air compressor inside indoor unit
The evaporator outdoor unit
The evaporator can be 10m from indoor unit
The losses of heat outside the house
Between indoor and outdoor units is refrigerant (not freeze)

Heat pump brine to water

HOTJET w (brine-water)

New generation of heat pumps brine to water a very new design of casing and control electronics.
Simply we have to say that “ not a stone was left standing” compared to the original model.
Minimisation of noise and dimensions were ones of plenty requirements on these models.
Even basic control technology Siemens can ensure very cheap operational passive cooling.
On your wish it is possible to deliver a unit with active cooling.
Support of passive or compressor cooling,
Optional workmanship version with output temperature up to 75C
Destined for unmanned, fully automatic water heating up to 55C
More constant output from earth or water
Higher heat coefficient
Without aerodynamic noise
Compact design with extremely low space requirements (ground plan 0.35 m2)
As heat sources there are an earth collector, a borehole or a water well
Central control of heating and warm service water warming-up by means of delivered heating controllers
Effective and efficient corrosion protection.
Advantages over brine-to-water heat pumps:
- more stable heat output
- higher COP without fan noise
- run without the influence of weather