Floorstanding boiler UKRINTERM-42

Floorstanding boiler UKRINTERM-42

The thermal unit is used in the boiler Ukrinterm-42. It consists of combustion chamber, heat exchanger and gas burner device.
The heat exchanger is composed of connected parallel spiral elements made from stainless steel.
The gas burner device includes the tubular burner on which the fan supplies preliminary prepared in appropriate proportion mixture "gas-air".
Such burning technology using ("premix") allows to reduce considerably the content of harmful substances in combustion materials and to raise the efficiency.
Depending on required momentary heating power the fan can change rotation frequency thus providing the flame modulation in the range of 20 % to 100 % of heating power.
In the combustion chamber the heat carrier that is supplied into the heat exchanger first shares heat with outgoing combustion materials and the moisture in them condenses recovering the additional heat named "hidden" heat.
Using of such effect (condensation mode) substantially increases the coefficient of efficiency.
The boiler has pressure, temperature, flow sensors in heating and hot water circuit, condensate overflow sensor.
Signals of the sensors are used for maintaining of specified parameters or for switching of operating modes.


Name Measure
Nominal heating power ±5% kW 42
Nominal heat productivity ±5% kW 41
Nominal gas pressure Pa 1960/1274
Nominal gas flow rate when 20 °C and atm.pressure 760 mm of m.c. m3/h 4,55
Coefficient of efficiency, not less
- in customary mode 80/60°C
- in condensate mode 50/30°C

Working pressure of heat carrier (pressure of safety valve action), not more MPa 0,3
Maximal temperature of a heat carrier °С 90
The heat carrier tewmperature range on the outlet of the boiler, ±5% °C 40-85
Water flow for HWS if temperature drop is 35°C l/min 17
Water temperature range in HWS circuit, ±5°C °С 40-60
Maximal pressure in HWS circuit MPа 0,6
Combustion materials temperature on the outlet of the boiler, not less
- in custom mode 80/60°C
- in condensate mode 50/30°C

Electrical power, not more W 210
Electrical power supply features (voltage / frequency) V/Hz 220+10%-15%/50-1
Маss, not more kg 70
Emission content in combustion materials:
- carbon oxide СО, not more
- nitric oxide NOx, not more

Note: HWS - hot water supply