Heating modules MN eco

Heating modules MN eco

Heating modules are the running water inertialess gas apparatus (water heaters) in cabinet performance for water heating in heating system.
We produce modules MN80eco, MN100eco and MN120eco (figures in designation indicate nominal heat productivity).
Heating module MN-Eco consists of two (MN-80) or three (MN-100,120) heating elements.
The elements are installed one above another and connected parallel to water and gas.
Each element has the burner and circulation pump for internal water circulation.
Module is equipped with a system of automatic control and safety automation.
Maximum temperature of water in the heating module can be up to 95 °C.
We use special burner and new heat exchanger in heating modules MN eco that allows to increase heat power, coefficient of efficiency and also considerably to reduce environment emissions.

Heating module MN 120 Eco  has the following advantages:

  1. Improved reliability: each of the heating elements works independently.
  2. Improved temperature output control (modulation 15 - 120 kW)
  3. The module works more steady with modulation of burner.
  4. Free access to the Honeywell control units makes it possible to organize module control through various communication channels.


Name Unit measure Value for
ÌN80 ecî ÌN100 ecî ÌN120 ecî
Nominal thermal productivity kW 80 100 120
Coefficient of efficiency % 92
Type of gas - natural
Nominal gas pressure Pa 1960
Gas flow for t=20 °Ñ, atmospheric pressure 760 mm of mercury column, Qí. ð.= 8000 kcal/m3, not more than m3/hour 9,4 11,6 14,0
Highest working pressure of heat carrier MPa (bar) 0,6 (6)
Maximal temperature of heat carrier °C 95
Temperature of combustion materials in output, not less than °C 110
Power supply features V/Hz 220+10%-15%/50-1
Maximal electric power W 300 400 400
Concentration in combustion materials, not more than
- carbon oxide ÑÎ
- nitric oxide NOx

Overall dimensions:
- height mm 1697 2200 2200
- width mm 711
- depth mm 500
Mass, not more than kg 145 170 170

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