Gas heating boiler system Ukrinterm

Gas heating boiler system Ukrinterm

Heating boiler system "Ukrinterm" is intended for heating and hot water supply of the industrial, residential and communal buildings and constructions.
Gas heating boiler systems are mounted from the manufactured modules in quantity and mix ordered by customer and may be arranged in built-in accommodations, additions, bulkheads and apart buildings in accordance with current building code.
Heating boiler systems use natural gas.
Heating boiler system consists of the defined by particular project quantity of heating modules and may compounds the next equipment: module for heating system regulation AR, ARDpermanent temperature module ATS, ATSDdomestic hot water supplying module MHW additional equipment for mounting of separate modules into the heating boiler system.

Besides domestic hot water supplying module MHW JV «Ukrinterm» proposes special hot-water supply unit UHWns for different power (90, 150, 200, 250 kW). 
Water softening unit manual and automatic are used for softening of supplied water. 


Name Unit measure Value
Nominal heat output kW 80-1200
Heating power control band kW 72-1080
Efficiency, not less than % 90
Type of gas - natural
Nominal gas pressure Pa 1274 (1970)
Maximum working pressure of the heat-carrier MPa (bar) 0,6 (6)
Maximum temperature of the heat-carrier °C 95
Water temperature in the hot water system (HWS) circuit, not more than °C 55
Maximum pressure in the HWS circuit MPa (bar) 0,6 (6)
Power consumption V/Hz 380/50
Electrical power, not more than W 600-8000*
Overall dimensions:
height mm 1697/2200
breadth mm 1005
length mm 711-5500*
mass kg 160-2500*

*Note: according to the quantity of the mounted modules

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