Hot water supply modules MHW

Hot water supply modules MHW

Hot water supply module MHW is intended for preparation of hot water up to 50 °C.
The heating water is circulating in the primary curcuit of the heat exchanger.
This water transmits its heat to water, circulating in the second-stage circuit of heat exchanger and then dispatching to customer.
Tap water and returned from the hot water system water are sent to the input of the second-stage circuit.
Each circuit of the module has its circulating pump.
The pump is ruled by frequency transformer subject to hot water supply pipe (T3) temperature sensor in the primary circuit.
Thereby the set point temperature of the hot water is supported via speed instability of the heating water in the primary circuit of the heat exchanger.

The control cabinet of MHW module provides the operation in the following modes:

mode "Comfort": permanent hot water supply of 40 - 60°C;

mode "Summer": hot water supply of 40 - 60°C for the consumer in the certain intervals.

mode "Winter" (on default): the module operates 24 hours.


Name Unit measures MHW 2P ÌHW 3P ÌHW 4P ÌHW 5P ÌHW 6P
Hot water productivity l/min 100 150 200 220 250
Water temperature jump (input and output of the second-stage curcuit), Dt, not less than °C 35
Maximal temperature of hot water °C 55
Nominal supply voltage of alternating current with frequency 50 Hz (+38V,-57V) V 380
Maximal power consumption kW 1,3 1,3 1,6 1,6 2,0
Maximal working pressure of heat carrier Pa (bar) 0,63 (6,3)
Overall dimensions:
- height mm 1950
- breadth mm 355
- depth mm 1005
Mass, not more kg 260 270 280 290 300