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May 2019

Specialists of JV Ukrinterm LLC presented new equipment on the annual exhibition "AQUA-THERM KYIV 2019".


17th of February 2019

Dear friends and partners!
Thank you for your cooperation, support and assistence during 25 years!
Our production success and development became real because of the motto - «Our strength is in unity!»
We believe and hope for our further cooperation with you!

Investment project

Please look through the Investment Project Ukrinterm.

Independence Day of Ukraine

All workers of Ukrinterm company took part in celebration of the  Independence Day of Ukraine  on the 24th of August 2017.

Decorating with the order "VIRA. CHEST. SHANA"

According to the Resolution of the Board of "European energy company" corporation the former leading design engineer of "Chaffoteaux & Maury" Bernard Le Coq was decorated with the order "VIRA. CHEST. SHANA"

New equipment

The construction of the hot water supply modules MHW is changed for the higher quality of the hot water temperature regulation from the August 2013.

The hot water temperature in the old versions of the module MHW was regulated with 3-way valve of mixing type. Now the 3-way valve is excluded from the module's construction and the hot water temperature is regulated by means of the changes of the hot water speed in the primary curcuit of the heat exchanger.

The speed is changed with the variations of the primary curcuit pump productivity. The pump is controlled by the frequency transformer that updates the pump speed subject to the temperature sensor on the hot water supply pipe (Ò3). Details.

May 2013

New UKRINTERM equipment! 

From the 25th of April, 2013 the new modifications of transportable module boiler systems Ukrinterm are in sight.

December 2012

UKRINTERM is going to produce the new heating modules with modulation gas valve MN 120 Eco M.

New heating module MN 120 Eco M advantages:

  1. Improved reliability: each of the heating elements works independently.
  2. Improved temperature output control (modulation 15 - 120 kW)
  3. The module works more steady with modulation of burner.
  4. Free access to the Honeywell control units makes it possible to organize module control through various communication channels.

september 2012

The seminar for technical and service specialists was taken place in UKRINTERM (Bila Tserkva, Ukraine).

The key specialists of UKRINTERM and representatives of the famous foreign companies such as Hotjet (Chezh Republic), Unical (Italy), MUT Meccanica (Italy), ACV (Belgium) made the speach.

Resulting the seminar UKRINTERM made the association agreements with companies: Hotjet (Chezh Republic) and ACV (Belgium). Now Ukrinterm is the official representative of the companies in Ukraine.

september 2012

New issue of "Nova Tema".