Corporation "European energy company"


Decorated with the Order "VIRÀ. CHEST. SHANA" list:

for the personal major contribution to the corporation development and faithfulness to the national principles of the country, consolidation of honour, word and deed, respectful regard to the universal values.


Extract from the Charter of the corporation "EEC" Order (award) "VIRA. CHEST. SHANA"

About corporation

"European energy company" (EEC) corporation has jointed the intellectual, professional, financing, production and human resources of 23 heating enterprises where 2500 qualified specialists are working for execution of the common national and regional projects.
Representatives from all the regions of Ukraine are the members of the corporation.
All participants of the corporation are the installation and service organizations and consist of assembly group, service group, design group, the main manufacturing enterprise JV "UKRINTERM" - 140 workers.
Members of the corporation have their own transport, special machinery and equipment for mounting and service of the heating equipment.

The objectives of the EEC activity:

  • design and performance of the modern high technological and energy saving manufacturing and distribution heating systems at the Ukrainian market
  • heat generation equipment production
  • organization of design, installation and maintenance of the equipment on the specific objects.
EEC corporation implements the training programs for the management and specialists with participation of the Institute of Hydromechnics of NASU, National technical university of Ukraine "Êyiv politechnical institute", Kyiv national university of construction and architecture, for the other workers - in the Training Center of "UKRINTERM".
EEC corporation commonly employs the technologies of the well-known european companies: Deutsche Vortex GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), SANHA (Germany), F.W. Oventrop KG (Germany), KM Europa Metal AG (Germany), Alfa Laval Thermal AB (Sweden), ARCA s.r.l. (Italy), CALEFFI SPA (Italy), FERRERO Rubinetteria S.R.L. (Italy), MUT MECCANICA TOVO s.p.a. (Italy), ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL (France), Termoregolatori Campini Corel (Italy), Giannoni France (France), Biral AG (Switzerland), Hotjet CZ, s.r.o (Chezh Republic), EVI Heat AB (Sweden), ACV international (Belgium) and has study courses in their factories.


  • design
  • heat energy sale
  • development of regional energy saving programs, local heating schemes
  • installation and implementation of heating objects of any complexity (steam boilers, flue-boilers, high power gas boiler systems etc.)

The main products of UIT

The chief manufacturing enterprise of EEC corporation is "JV "UKRINTERM" Ltd.Co. (UIT) has succesful working experience at the energy markets of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and the other CIS countries.
UIT is the first company among heating equipment manufacturers in Ukraine that introduced The Quality Management System according to the International standard ISO 9001:2000 requirements and certified Ecological Management System in accordance with the International standard ISO 14001:2004 requirements. 

     JV "UKRINTERM" produces:
  • elements for the heating module boiler systems (heating modules ÌN; hot water supply modules MHW; sanitary modules ARD, ATSD), which are adopted to the local conditions and provide the installation of the heating boiler systems (80-3000 kW);
  • transportable heating boiler systems (160 - 1200 kW);
  • cabinet built-in or separate heating units for the trahsformation of heating power (25-10000 kW);
  • cabinet gas regulation units for natural gas (5-10000 m3);
  • water perparation stations;
  • domestic boilers (10-100 kW) etc.

  • More than 4700 heating module boiler systems were mounted in Ukraine.
    EEC corporation designs the regional energy saving programs and heat supply schemes for cities of Ukraine with using of the local energy sources within the energy strategy of Ukraine.
    EEC pays much attention to the new technology implementation with using of the renewal and alternative energy sources, co-generation units .