About company

JV "Ukrinterm" is successfully operating on the market of Ukraine and near abroad for more than 20 years. During this period an extensivepartner network of representative officeswas created in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Belarus.

Today in the system "Ukrinterm" in Ukraine there are already 2375 specialists. More than 4650 modular boiler-houses are already installed by their forces.

The number of employees at the workplace are 75 people.

Since the founding of the leadership strategy was chosen to the maximal approximation of high-tech heating equipment and service to the consumers in all regions of Ukraine.

We established an extensivepartner network of representative officesin which about 2375 specialists, opened offices in Russia, Belarus, Moldova.

Their forces already installed more than 4650 modular boiler systems.

JV "Ukrinterm" and companies - regional representatives united into the corporation "European energy company" for mobilization of financial, scientific, production and personnel potential for the purpose of designing, manufacturing and maintenance of energy-efficient heat generating equipment.

The whole range of our products you will find in the exhibition hall of Sales Departmentand there you can get all the information about the prices and availability of products.

Phone/Fax: +38 (04563) 91112

The Project team will advise you about the possibilities of using our equipment for each specific object.

The permanent operating Training Centre of “Ukrinterm” conducts training and improvement of training on the equipment of the enterprise.


JV "Ukrinterm" is the first among manufacturers of heating equipment in Ukraine enterprises which introduced System of a Quality Management according to requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2000 and in September 2002 received the corresponding international and Ukrainian certificates.

In 2005 at the enterprise "JV "Ukrinterm", with consultative support of BUREAU VERITAS, developed, implemented, certified Environmental Management system meets the requirements of international standard ISO 14001:2004.


2000 Establishment and construction of the temple of Peter and Paul, Bila Tserkva.
2001 Transfer of boiler-house equipment for the boarding school city Korsun-Shevchenko.
  • Transfer module boiler-house of the school No.13 of Darnitsky district of Kiev.
  • Transfer of boiler-house equipment, installation of alarm systems Museum of the Park "Alexandria" in Belaya Tserkov.
  • Assistance in equipping the Museum Panteleimon Kulish village Hannina Deserts ×åðíèãèâñêîé region.
  • 2004
  • Transfer equipment modular boiler kindergarten ¹ 1 city Tsurupinsk Kherson region.
  • the Installation of boilers "Anna" for heating apartments USSR national artist Mihai Volontyra Balti, Moldova.
  • 2005
  • Transfer transportable modular boiler TMKU-240 kindergarten No.10 in connection with the accident of the heat supply system in Alchevsk, Luhansk region.
  • send two boilers "Bogdan" with a capacity of 50 kW house of culture village Ìàëèíîâêà Kharkiv region.
  • 2006
  • Translation of funds for the construction of the chapel-the Pantheon, the author of music of the State anthem of Ukraine Mikhail Verbitskomu in village Ìëèí Yaroslavl district (Poland).
  • Participation in the construction and decoration (altar) Church of St. Nicholas village Mazepyntsi Belotserkovsky district, Kiev area.
  • 2007
  • Transfer modular boiler Ukrainian school No.1 in Tbilisi (Georgia).
  • The Allocation of funds for the reconstruction of the secondary school of I-II stages in stavky village turiysk district Volynskiy region.
  • 2008 the Provision of assistance to the victims of the flood regions of Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions: 2 transportable modular boiler rooms for schools village Grinivka Bogorochanskogo district and village Tustan, Galich district.
    2011 Manufacturing and installation of the bas-relief Antonii of Pechersk, a historical Museum complex "Ancient ljubech" Chernihiv region.